Memories of Sorrow

by Wrong

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The universe of Wrong focuses their concept on a post-apocalyptic and dystopian earth, where the few people that remain after a devastating earthquake in the core of the earth, struggling for survival in the most disheartening misery between death, sickness, wild clans, cannibalism and savagery, the vision of a dystopian and gray future where the worst stories of human decadence are narrated through obscure passages only for the wandering, abandoned and the wretched souls.


released February 14, 2013

DP: Guitars, bass, piano and sound effects
Phegeton: Vocals and drums

Recorded, mixed and produced by DP Rey and Phlegeton between Oct -Dec 2012 at Delta314 Sound Studio

All music by DP and Phlegeton
Band concept, lyrics and art design by Phlegeton


Aphelion Productions 2013, (AP080)



all rights reserved


Wrong Madrid, Spain


(Vocals and Drums)

(Guitars, Bass, Piano, Sound FX)

Live members:

Setesh · Guitar

Guillemoth · Bass

Gabriel · Drums
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Track Name: They look at me
By this railway travels no train anymore
Only leads us to another place more hostile

The hunchback pulls me
I've paid him well
but he looks me weird
seems he knows me

in this city you cannot talk to anyone
is better to be cautious instead of to be raped or robbed
at least I feel good
rewarding him for taking my load

just no vegetation
no water
no light

people starts to look at me and stop looking in the trash
why they stop?

oh poor me
betrayed by trust

Father, why hast thou made me this?
Track Name: Through this slit
Through this slit
I can see the shadows
Of those who they drag

Their faces are disfiguring in every meter
Unable to move from fear

The water is rotten in here
This corridor is not safe
Neither is breathing air that emanates from below.

Down there ...maybe, if I bend,
they mistake me for a corpse
But if they find me, I'm finished.

Why this eagerness to survive?
Out there, there's nothing left to live for

Why insist on cleaning everything and collect of corpses?

I should kill myself
Also be a fatal end

Vaguely my mind brings me some disjointed moments
I see a dark figure when the train passes
again and again

Now I remember all the evil I have done.
I've been a coward
This is my destiny
Why I have fear?

The figure is here with me. It's reflected in a well
I see the dark figure at the bottom of the well

That figure is me. You already aren't here
Track Name: I prefer so
Desperate, in search of a plain
Negative, I don't know where i'm heading

Threatened by the crowd

The stink of these streets gives me nausea,
I regret don't be able to wait until you arrive
sooner or later we'll meet

some bury their loved , their loved ones
others burn them
and I even took you in tow

I prefer it so
you wanted like that
I'll suffer so

In this gray and dusty landscape
is breathe methane and decomposition
your corpse is heavy

Rats are everywhere
now i understand why you've suicided
I give up here, why I'm carrying your useless body?
although I starve ...

I'd rather not be me who... eat your corpse
Track Name: Now I remember
I creep without clothes,
They stole me everything
i don't know if call them humans
or primitives

This immorality,
the mad society
is running out yet
Extinction of the human race.

Their System never worked,
I never was a part of it,
just i watched
how they ate each other

Looking in the shadows
It's really hot between iron and rubble
The atmosphere is turbid
like water i'm drinking

I may die here
But I must try to move
I have nothing to lose

Wait a minute ... Who are they?
I've never believed in mirages
They are far and are dressed in dusty gray
I don't expect to find anyone so far from my disgusting city

They've seen me,

If they are hostile I have no strength to fight or escape
Why would they turn around?

It smells of putrefaction
I can't move
Now I remember

I've been a long time in this cage, dreaming I was free
They left me here
And now, between delusions and nightmares, I'm dying
Track Name: I want to hear you scream
Behind the curtain
I know you're there,

The ground is scattered with broken glass,
In this room,
Our room which always was.

burned photos,
memories charred,

Do you scream no longer?
The faucet is filling the tub,

A cold water bath, will awake you,
Wrapped in the broken curtain,
I won't to remove the gag,
I'm sick of your insults.

Can you scream now?

Why did you choose this path?
I told you to leave,

I told you so, it never made sense,
In this crazy town,
Where anyone can be dinner for those mindless,
Smile, we almost finished.

The smell of gasoline gives me satisfaction,
Your body belongs to me,
Now is the time to end this s,
I want to hear your cries,

Now I'll wear your gag.
between the toxic smoke that emanate, I embrace you.